A friendly club for photographers of all standards

Do you enjoy taking photographs? Do you want to improve your photography? Do you want to meet other local photographers? Do you want to have fun with your camera? If the answer to any of these is yes then South Woodham Ferrers has just the club for you.

South Woodham Ferrers Camera Club is a very friendly group of local amateur photographers who enjoy getting together to learn more about the subject and, if we want to, have our efforts judged in one of our regular appraisal evenings.  The main ethos of the club is having fun and enjoying ourselves so why not come along on a Wednesday evening when you will receive a very warm welcome and make a lot of new, like minded friends.  The many benefits of joining a club like ours include learning from other members and also having people we can talk through photographic problems with and get inspiration from. 

We meet at 8pm every Wednesday evening from September until the end of May in the small hall at the back of the bar in the Village Hall in Hullbridge Road. Access is from the car park at the corner of the building opposite the “Blue Cage”.

We look forward to the pleasure of your company at one of our meetings – you won’t regret it; we’ll even give you two free evenings with tea and biscuits so what have you got to lose

                                                             Coming Soon

   26th Oct 2016   How do I do it? Technique & Workflow   - Our chairman, Richard Rolfe will be
                             giving a talk on photographic techniques and workflow from start to finish, including
                             how to prepare your images for submitting to our regular appraisal sessions.
                             Also members, don't forget to bring along a memory stick with your images for next
                             week's Projected Image Appraisal - see next item for more details.

  2nd Nov 2016   Projected Image Appraisal - The theme for this appraisal is " Dynamic".
                            Members may enter up to 3 images, one of which should relate to the theme.
                            Images should be submitted on memory stick the week before (26th Oct) or no later
                            than 7pm Monday 31st Oct via email. Entries are not accepted on the night of the
Please click here and read the full rules on submitting, sizing and renaming your
                            entries.  If you have any questions please ask a committee member.
  9th Nov 2016   Working with Lightroom (Appraisal then how you could do it) -
This evening will be an appraisal with a difference and will not count towards the
                           end of year totals. Our speaker/appraiser for the evening is Richard Swinscoe. 
    Each member is asked to provide 2 images, comprising of 2 Raw files (these being the original  
    unedited images) and the 2 corresponding Jpegs,these being the edited version of the Raw files.
    So 4 files in total. 
    Please prepare the Jpegs as you would do for our regular appraisal sessions ie. Max size of 5mb
    each for the jpegs and rename both the RAW files and the Jpegs with your membership number
    followed by the letters a & b. 
    For example, if your membership number is 99 you will have Raw file 99a &  corresponding 
    Jpeg  99a, plus Raw file 99b plus corresponding Jpeg 99b. 
    Place your files on a memory stick, in a folder named 2016_11_09 and bring along to our meeting on 
    2nd Nov or sooner if you wish. 
    NB - we must have all memory sticks in advance to prepare for the evening. None will be accepted
    on the night and please do not try to email your files as the files sizes will be too large. 
    Our speaker, Richard Swinscoe, will first appraise the edited Jpegs and then show how he would
    edit the images using the original Raw files and Lightroom.
    Lastly, if you have any queries or questions please don’t hesitate to ask a committee member.

 News & Programme Updates

Themes for this season - The following titles are for the themed entries for appraisals for this season - Sept 2016 - May 2017.    Interpretation is up to you, be imaginative and think outside the box - good luck!
The themes are:-
Print Themes :- A Single Flower - Meeting - Reflections - Smoke - Rest

Projected Image Themes :- Play - Dynamic - Power - Heaven - Wet - Black & White (NB all images to be in black and white)  

Reminder - members are reminded that prints may be done commercially for print appraisals.  Please see the Useful Websites page for recommended print companies.

Reminder - Where there is a theme for an appraisal, only one image from each member should relate to the theme.
Full rules and themes for the print and projected image appraisals are posted on the Photo Appraisals page,